Criminal history records checks will be required of all new RN and LPN applicants and all CNA applicants after January 2, 2007. In addition, a selected population of RN, LPN and CNA renewal will be required to complete a CHRC to renew an existing license or certification.  

Examples are:   Current Driver's License  *  Valid Passport  *  Certification of Naturalization  *  Alien Registration  *  Military ID  *  Identification issued by a State, Foreign or Local Government Agency.

Private fingerprinting agencies are authorized by the Code of Maryland to submit fingerprints directly to the Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) for the purpose of obtaining criminal history record checks.  Electronic fingerprint applications produce fast, reliable background check results." 

Mid-Atlantic Regional Investigations


The Wear & Carry applicant must submit, with the application, the electronic fingerprint transmission receipt and two color passport type photographs depicting the applicant from the shoulders up. 

Federal Fingerprinting (Fingerprint Cards, Ink Cards or FD-258 cards) are generally used when an applicant is applying for a job, license or permit outside of the state that they currently live in such as Maryland. For FINRA, FDIC and Government Contractors, we carry the federal FD-258 fingerprint cards that are required, or you may use your own. Your fingerprints will be digitally rolled and printed on the State or Federal FD-258 fingerprint card. We use a specific printer approved and certified by the State and FBI for this purpose.

Effective July 1, 2016, no photo will be displayed on the HQL.  This will not effect the current license.